The Privacy Shield Framework was designed by the US Department of Commerce. UU., The European Commission and the Swiss government provide companies with a mechanism to meet data protection requirements during transport. Personal data of the European Union. and Switzerland in the United States in support of transatlantic trade.

Ocean Streamz participates in the EU Privacy Shield. A list of participating organizations can be found at

Ocean Streamz complies with the privacy policy for all personal data collected in the EU as follows:

Privacy Shield Policy for the European Union

Note: Ocean Streamz publishes online privacy notices, including your participation in Privacy Shield, the collection, use, and use of personal information, privacy practices, and third-party privacy decisions. Collection and use of data.

Option: Ocean Streamz does not transfer customer data to external providers. With the Ocean Streamz application, the customer can select the data to be shared and users can specify whether or not they want to share data.

  • Ocean Streamz provides contact information for questions or complaints about Privacy Shield compliance on its website.
  • The Ocean Streamz contact website is
  • Ocean Streamz participates in the European Union’s Dispute Settlement Body (DPA) to settle the Privacy Shield disputes.
  • Ocean Streamz is subject to the investigative and compliance powers of the Federal Trade Commission or its legal entity to ensure compliance with the Privacy Shield principles.
  • Ocean Streamz acknowledges that a person may order binding arbitration under the Privacy Shield.

Responsibility for the transmission of the deaf: With the Ocean Streamz application, the customer can determine when and how his data is passed on to external providers. Ocean Streamz will not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer and is responsible for the unauthorized disclosure of personal data.

Security: Ocean Streamz takes all reasonable and reasonable measures to protect the data provided by customers against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

Integrity and purpose of the data: Ocean Streamz takes all reasonable measures to limit the processing for the purposes for which the data was collected and to ensure the reliability of personal data as part of their intended, accurate, complete and up-to-date use.

Access: With Ocean Streamz app, customers can request access to their users’ personal information and correct, change or delete inaccurate data.

Source, Application, and Responsibility: Ocean Streamz provides reasonable protection of personal information through authorized means.